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(Assuming you know how to play Chess)

Check, Checkmate and Stalemate

For the most part, Check, Checkmate and Stalemate work similarly to normal Chess, with slight variation to accommodate for three players:
  • Check - When a player is in Check, they must move out of check.
  • Stalemate (3 players remaining) - When a player is in Stalemate, if all players are undefeated, the turn is skipped.
  • Stalemate (2 players remaining) - The game is over and considered a Stalemate.
  • Checkmate - Eliminates a player, leaving their pieces on the board. The game continues until only one player remains.
Horizontal movement

Straight Movement

  • Vertical Moves - Follows straight, vertical lines. When going through the center, this will change the angle to follow the file.
  • Horizontal Moves - Follows straight, horizontal lines. Rotate about the center on the same row.

Diagonal Movement

For the most part diagonal movement is the same as in classic chess.
When moving through the center, the player can choose which path to follow along the same tile color.
Diagonal movement
Knight movement

Knight Movement

The knight, like in standard chess, moves one field in one orthogonal direction, then two in the other, or vice versa.
On this board, around the center this may give more than eight possibilities to the knight.


Just like normal Chess, Castling is a valid move.
Click your King to see valid moves, if Castling is valid then select the Rook to perform the move.

Turn Indicators

The current turn is indicated by the turn indicators, with green representing the current turn.
Turn indicators

Turn Order

The turn order is as follows: White, Black, Red.
Player Status

Player Status

Player status is displayed in the turn indicators.
The indicators on the left represent the following status for Black:
  • X - The player is in Check.
  • SS - The player is in Stalemate.
  • XX - The player is in Checkmate/ this player has been defeated.
The King can be taken scenario

When a King can be taken

As you may have noticed, on occasion, it is possible for a King to be taken in three player chess. Consider the following moves:
The White Pawn takes the Red Pawn, leaving the Red King in check by the Black Queen.
So what happens?
The Black Queen has the option to take the Red King which will eliminate the Red player from the game.

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