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Castling in 3 player chess
Castling is the only time in chess that two pieces can move at once, and the only time any piece other than the knight can move over another piece
Castling available moves in 3 player chess
You can castle to either rook. Select the king to show the available moves
Castling right in 3 player chess
Selecting the rook will cause the king to move two spaces to the right or left, and the rook will move to the other side of the king
Castling left in 3 player chess
The same will happen if you castle to the left
Castling blocked in 3 player chess
There must be no pieces between the king and the rook
Castling disabled if rook has moved in 3 player chess
And your king and rook must not have moved yet in the game
Castling disabled if in check
And your king cannot be in check

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